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There are many positive aspects which make edible insects a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional protein sources such as beef, pork and chicken. Insects possess exceptional nutritional values which makes them highly effective as a source of proteins. Furthermore, their feed-conversion is remarkably higher than traditional livestock, which not only makes them a cost-effective solution but also significantly lowers the impact on the environment. Insects require far less land, water and feed input while simultaneously producing lower greenhouse gas emission in comparison to traditional livestock. Finally, their relative short re-production cycle enables us to breed substantial quantities of high quality insects in a short time span. All these aspects contribute to making insects a healthy, effective and sustainable solution for world hunger and growing environmental pressure. And last but not least, they taste great!

Lactose Free

Lactose Free ProductAll insects and insect products at Kreca Ento-Food BV are 100% guaranteed lactose free and produced without any hormones or chemicals. Our lactose fee insect (products) contain high protein, vitamins & minerals, healthy fatty acids and antioxidants and are a great alternative within your daily meals. Our protein powders are an excellent ingredient in creating high-protein shakes to help you recover after intense workouts.

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Sugar Free

Sugar Free ProductAn important reason for consuming sugars is that it gives us lots of energy, however it also brings along a lot of empty calories, especially in western diets which contain a lot of added chemical sugars. Insects and insect-derived products are naturally sugar free and full of other essential nutrients and give you a great boost of energy without any added negative effects. At Kreca Ento-Food BV we recommend insects as natural and healthy ingredients.

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Non-GMO ProductNon-GMO is a term used to describe food or ingredients which have not been genetically modified. Genetic modification of ingredients and food is still an area of high uncertainty and can cause various health and environmental risks. To avoid these types of risks and health hazards we therefore strongly advise to maintain a healthy non-GMO diet with only non-GMO certified products.

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Low in salt

Low Salt ProductStudies have shown that a high-salt diets are responsible for 2/3 off all strokes and for half of all heart attacks. Cutting down on your salt should therefore not be a choice but a necessity for a long and healthy life. Insects and insect products are naturally very low in salt and have a great taste which makes them a perfect ingredient in a healthy diet.

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