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Insect Powder

Description ex. VAT inc. VAT Quantity
Powder house crickets per kilo
€ 240,00 € 261,60

For larger quantities of cricket powder and wholesale prices please contact us at food@kreca.com.


Our insect powders are a complete protein source: they contain all the nine essential amino acids and have a high digestibility. The powder has a high protein, low carbohydrate profile and is sugar and lactose free. A healthy and sustainable source of high quality nutrients as addition to any diet. Our insect powders are free from chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and pesticides.


Storage Conditions

In order to preserve the quality of our insect powder, please store it in a cool and dark place. 

Description Effect Description Effect
The Milk Protein (dairy/buffalo/goat/sheep) - Cocoa -
Lactose - Legume -
Egg - Nuts -
Soy-protein - Nut oil -
Soy-lecithin - Peanut -
Gluten + Peanut oil -
Wheat - Sesame -
Rye - Sesame oil -
Beef - Glutamate (E620 to E625) -
Pork - Sulphate -
Fish - Coriander -
Chicken - Celery -
Shellfish * Carrot -
Mollucs - Lupine -
Maize - Mustard -

* In case of sensitivity for shellfish there is a possibility for an allergic reaction to this product.

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values House Cricket
per 100 gr

Energy (kcal/100gr) 525
Protein 60.0
Fat (gr/100 gr product) which of: 30.7
Saturated fatty acids 12.4
Mono-unsaturated fatty acids 9.1
Poly-unsaturated fatty acids 9.1
Carbohydrates (gr/100 gr product) < 1
Which of sugars (gr/100 gr product) 0.8
Fiber (gr/100 gr product) 4.1
Salt (gr/100 gr product) 0.8

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