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Want to eat insects? Try some buffalo's!

10 May 2017Blog
Want to eat insects? Try some buffalo's!
Eating insects is gaining popularity as both the environmental and health benefits are becoming better known to consumers. For many people interested in the exiting world of eating insects the biggest challenge remains choosing the right insects and discovering how to use them as ingredients in tasteful dishes. The buffalo has a slightly nutty flavor and is perfect as ingredient in food preparation both as whole insect or as flour.

At Kreca Ento-Food we have been breeding all types of edible insects (buffalo's, mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers) since 2007 and have discovered there are some significant differences when it comes to eating each insects. In cooperation with various partners from the food and catering industry we have been actively exploring the many possibilities to create taste full food concepts based on various insects. Throughout this ongoing process we are convinced of the many benefits of the buffalo as ingredient addition for food preparation. It has some distinctive advantages over the other insects which could help you determine your preferred insect ingredient.

The buffalo has a slight nutty flavor without becoming overwhelming, thereby making it perfect as a healthy ingredient to enrich various foods. Your food will largely maintain its original taste but will be all the more healthy and packed with nutrients. Despite its relative small size compared to other insect species, the buffalo possesses a well-balanced and complete nutritional profile. They contain a relative large concentration of proteins and healthy fatty acids alongside key minerals and vitamins. Another advantage is the ability of the grinded powder to serve as a healthy alternative for traditional meal and flour ingredients in, for example, bakery products.

All these factors have convinced us of the many benefits the buffalo can provide for anyone looking to add a healthy and sustainable addition to their food products. If you are looking to create a healthy food concept do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly discuss the possibilities and our own experience to help you on your way!

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