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Sports Nutrition

4 April 2016Blog
Sports Nutrition


EntoPure Sports is a high quality, premium, defatted protein powder especially developed for the sports nutrition market. EntoPure Sports is an insect based protein powder delivering complete amino acids (high in BCAA’s) and is highly digestible (90%). The powder has a high protein (86%), low carb profile and is lactose-free. An excellent, healthy and sustainable source of high quality nutrients for e.g. athletes and bodybuilders. It does not have the famous ‘off-taste’ and can easily be mixed with your own preference of flavors.

Lactose Free

Lactose Free Insect ProductsAll insects and insect products at Kreca Ento-Food BV are 100% guaranteed lactose free and produced without any hormones or chemicals. Our lactose fee insect (products) contain high protein, vitamins & minerals, healthy fatty acids and antioxidants and are a great alternative within your daily meals. Our protein powders are an excellent ingredient in creating high-protein shakes to help you recover after intense workouts. Lactose free products have proven to be also help non-lactose intolerant people with their digestion, so try them out now from our webshop or contact us for more information at food@kreca.com.

For protein isolated powder, please contact us by email.

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