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Reduce Salt in your Diet, Eat Insects!

29 November 2016Blog
Reduce Salt in your Diet, Eat Insects!
Salt (along with sugar) have been identified as two of the most damaging elements in the human diet, that can and should be reduced. This element is present in unnatural large quantities in processed foods in order to preserve the food and its flavor. This will however result in a salt intake by consumers which far exceeds the necessary amount for a body to function properly. Insects offer you a wide variety of nutrients such as protein, iron and calcium while providing only limited intake of salt and thus help you maintain a healthy diet.

Salt and Sodium in Food

Salt and sodium are two words that are commonly believed to mean the exact same thing, which is not entirely true. Sodium is a mineral that is found naturally in various types of food and is especially high in processed foods. Salt is actually a combination of sodium and chloride and is most commonly found as table salt and used to flavor numerous dishes. Understanding this is important when discussing the health effects of salt. Although many people believe sea salt to be a more healthy and natural type of salt, the sodium concentration is the same and thus the effects.

The Risks of a High Salt Diet?

As discussed above much of our food, especially processed and packaged foods contain large quantities of salt or more correctly sodium, which can have damaging effects on our bodies and overall health. But how and why is salt hurting us and why should you cut back on sodium?

The main beneficiary from reducing sodium in your diet will be your heart and your kidneys. When consuming too much sodium the kidneys will be unable to process all the excess sodium and the body will start to hold on to water to dilute the sodium. This extra fluid surrounding cells will serve to increase the blood volume in your bloodstream and consequently force the heart to work harder in pumping all this extra blood. All this extra work of the heart can cause the blood vessels to stiffen and this can eventually lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

Another negative effect of high salt consumption is a reduction of calcium in your body as the body will process more calcium as your salt intake increases. This may eventually lead to the body extracting calcium from the bones and can even lead to development of the bone disease called Osteoporosis.

Reduce your Salt Intake, Eat Insects!

As already discussed above, the results of too much salt in our diets can have a far-reaching effects. Studies have shown that high-salt intake is responsible for two-thirds of all strokes and half of heart attacks. Cutting down on your salt should therefore not be a choice but a necessity for a long and healthy life. Insects and insect products are naturally very low in salt and have a great taste which makes them a perfect ingredient in a healthy diet. At Kreca Ento-Food BV we recommend insects as natural and healthy ingredients in exciting new meals, an addition to existing meals or simply as a healthy snack throughout the day. Try our insects from our webshop and experience the health benefits from this super food!

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