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Non-GMO Foods – The Reasons and Options Explained!

13 May 2018Blog
Non-GMO Foods – The Reasons and Options Explained!

Non-GMO is a term used to describe food or ingredients which have not been genetically modified. Throughout the years scientist have been modifying the genetic material (DNA) of various crops without knowing the full extent of effects for consumers in terms of toxics and allergens. Thus consuming these genetically modified foods may result in serious health and safety risks for consumers, which have contributed to a rising demand for non-GMO food.

Why Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

The reasons for genetically modifying crops and even animals have expanded and changed over the years. Scientist first wanted to enhance the abilities of crops to become more resistant to various plant diseases and in turn this would help boost overall crop yield. After these first steps into this new field, genetic engineers also started to increase the shelf life of ‘fresh’ products such as fruits and vegetables. They furthermore started to alter the genetic composition of crops in order to increase the nutritional values of different food types.

Dangers and Risks of Genetically Modified (GMO) Food

All this altering of the genetic compositions of plants and animals is not without its risks. The biggest risk is the uncertainty about potential effects of a single gene modification. Genes are not a static entity and altering one gene can affect a wide range of other genes in an organism. Furthermore this effect may not materialize immediately, which can therefore cause various long term effects. There are three types of risk commonly associated with consuming GMO food products:


A lot of research is being conducted into the connection between a rise in allergies amongst the global population and the consumption of GMO products. It is believed that the genetic enhancements made in GMO products increase the effects of common allergens and is even capable of developing new types of allergens. This of course creates a serious health risks for consumers as these allergic reactions can have far reaching consequences.

Gene Transfer

Upon consuming GMO food products, there is a considerable risk that our bodies will adopt the modified genes and in consequence alter our own genes. This can in turn have a wide range of effects such as a resistance to common antibiotics, potential new diseases or nutritional difficulties. As this is still a relative new field in science there may arise various other potential risks in the coming future.


The environment is also at risk by the use of GMO crops in a number of ways. Once again there is too much uncertainty about potential long term effects. By targeting specific pests with the genetic modifications we develop toxic values which may not only counteract the particular pest but also deter other animals critical in pollination of plants and crops. Furthermore the overall quality of eco systems can be greatly affected by the use of GMO’s as the biodiversity will decrease, soil quality will be affected with additional toxins being adopted from GMO crops and more bacteria’s will spread through various forms of pollination. In conclusion the use of GMO’s can have far reaching environmental effects and need to be investigated further to determine the potential dangers and guarantee the safety of the world’s population.

Importance of Non-GMO Food in your Diet

As discussed, genetic modification of ingredients and food is still an area of high uncertainty and can cause various health and environmental risks. To avoid these types of risks and health hazards we therefore strongly advise to maintain a healthy non-GMO diet with only non-GMO certified products. All insects products at Kreca Ento-Food BV are guaranteed 100% non-GMO and completely free from any chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics. Our insects provide a high concentration of nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals in an all-natural product. Try our premium insects or insect powders from our webshop now and add this healthy element to your daily diet.

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