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Insect protein (insect flour and powder)

21 July 2016Blog
Insect protein (insect flour and powder)


With a rising population and an increasing level of poverty around the world, there is an urgent need to find a viable solution that will ensure people around the world will be able to feed themselves with the right nutrition. The traditional food industry is facing massive issues meeting global demand and the environmental cost of this production is also having a toll on the earth.

Kreca Ento-Food BV is contributing to this solution by producing insects for human consumption in a highly sustainable way. Insects are packed with protein and are notably rich in micronutrients such as zinc and iron. This means people can easily switch to insect protein and add this to their diet without any notable impact on taste. We live in health conscious times with people keen to ensure the food they put into their body provides them with an effective return to get more out of life. At Kreca Ento-Food BV, we believe the use of products like insect flour/powder allows people to get all the nutrition they need in an efficient and sustainable manner.


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization states that two billion people around the world already eat insects, which means that insect flour and powder and insect protein is already a trusted source of nutrients around the world. As well as providing affordable, nutritious food solutions, the benefits in switching to insects over some forms of agriculture are well-stated. Insects require less land, feedstock and water while they emit a notably lower level of greenhouse gases. With more and more people making buying decisions based on the environmental impact of a product, switching to insect based food is a great option. The use of insects can help to improve the supply of protein around the world while also positively impacting rest streams (food left overs) from the food production industry .


Clean Protein from InsectsThe importance of protein in supporting muscle growth and recovery is already well-known in the sports industry. The source of protein plays a major role in determining its overall quality. Many types of protein are derived from sources which are either grown or bred using chemicals and antibiotics and fed with modified fattening ingredients. However, all these chemicals and unhealthy fats will also find its way into the eventual protein and thus in the end-consumer. The composition of clean proteins has proven to be most effective due to their high concentration proteins and beneficial fats without any added chemicals or antibiotics. Proteins from plants, wild-caught fish, pasture livestock and also insects have demonstrated to meet the beneficial elements of being labeled a clean protein. At Kreca Ento-Food BV we take great care to produce healthy and clean products to maximize the effectiveness of the natural high-protein concentration in insects. Our insect (products) are free of any chemicals and antibiotics, making them an ideal addition to your diet.

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