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Everything about edible insects and why insects are a great and healthy source of nutrients

Reduce Salt in your Diet, Eat Insects!

Reduce Salt in your Diet, Eat Insects!

Salt (along with sugar) have been identified as two of the most damaging elements in the human diet, that can and should be reduced. This element is present in unnatural large quantities in processed foods in order to preserve the food and its flavor. This will however result in a salt intake by consumers which far exceeds the necessary amount for a body to function properly. Insects offer you a wide variety of nutrients such as protein, iron and calcium while providing only limited intake of salt and thus help you maintain a healthy diet.
29 November 2016
Freeze Drying

Freeze Drying


Kreca Ento-Food B.V. offers edible insects both frozen and freeze-dried. We choose freeze drying over other drying methods for a number of reasons. Most important, we want to assure premium quality.

1 April 2016


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